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Military Policy Essay Example For Students

Military Policy Essay POLSCI 111Gerard ChretienIntroduction to American GovernmentMay 15, 2001MILITARY DEFENSE POLICYDear Mr. President,As a pleased American and veteran of our extraordinary military, I firmly advocate that you start another strategy with respect to the support and key government assistance of our countries powers. The current states of our military are not in a state of harmony with the necessities of the 21st century difficulties and goals. There is various issues that should be tended to, for example, new weapon improvement, salary raise, combination of different projects, survey of oversea sending strategy, etc. As of now you know that your ancestor (harmful Bill Clinton) and his organization have not built up any approach to update our powers during his presidential residency. Having served in the military, I can say from individual experience, that our powers need an edgy mixture of new weapons and key projects that would get rid of wasteful and out of date ones. Our people, who wear their glad uniform, speak to one of Americas most cherished resources, along these lines their necessities must be held to an exclusive requirement. During the Clinton time, so far as that is concerned, since the finish of the Reagan time, barrier spending has been methodicallly decreased in all cases (excluding the Gulf War). This sort of decrease leaves our military deficiently provided with assets to battle gives that influence the U.S. locally and abroad. The current status must be updated and rebuilt. You may feel that because of the Cold-War finishing and most of America wanting to extend our military isn't fundamental, I encourage you not to ride a similar track of thought. Having rebel states still skilled in building weapons of mass obliteration (for example Iraq) and host of different states that scorn our lifestyle, its objective, presently like never before, that we remain militarily skilled and prepared to protect Americas intrigue. Presently there is numerous who accept that the United States ought to minimize military creation in view of a few elements. To start with, the United States is the staying super-power on the planet, a danger from an adversarial nation like North Korea or Iraq appears to be silly and extremely remote. Furthermore we have the universes most gainful economy, permitting us to manufacture and buy whatever accommodates our advantage. Last and above all we have and continue the most hazardous military known to man. Such factors persuades that military spending is purposeless in time of harmony time and further more, Americas most hazardous adversary (Soviet Union) is not, at this point a danger, however an agreeable discretionary connecting with state. Numerous Americans likewise feel that any extra spending on military weapons store can and ought to be coordinated toward other imperative projects that influence our day by day lives, for example, human services, instruction, work preparing , private company improvement, just to give some examples. These focuses and others are substantial, yet it can't blindfold us to the truth that war can happen whenever. Not being prepared and skilled would be inconvenient to lifestyle and block our general public, all in all, to succeed into what's to come. I firmly counsel you to cling to my point of view, so you can guarantee Americas development and security well into the new thousand years. Semper FidelisSecond Lieutenant Gerard Chretien, U.S.M.C.

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Was Socrates Wise Essays - Socrates, Socratic Dialogues

Was Socrates Wise? Was Socrates Wise? Webster characterizes astute as: (1) having or indicating practical insight; (2) educated; (3) learned; (4) quick or sly. As I would see it, Socrates was shrewd in all parts of the word. In the event that I were set in his position and were to settle on similar choices, I would not view myself as insightful. I would believe myself to be an extraordinary bonehead, yet given the conditions and the gatherings included I accept that Socrates settled on legitimate choices with all due respect. Socrates realized that the jury was partial against him from the beginning and tended to it right away. In his initial proclamation, of the examiners he expressed, however of their numerous deceptions, the one which flabbergasted me more than anything was the point at which they said that I was a sharp speaker, and that you should be mindful so as not to let me misdirect you.(15) That is a compelling explanation to spoil a reply before it very well may be introduced. Additionally, Socrates tended to the way that he has been blamed for this injustice for quite a long time. These allegations are progressively imposing in light of the fact that they were first acquainted with the jury when they were youthful and susceptible, however more significantly on the grounds that Socrates has been not able to safeguard himself. He was unable to shield his position in light of the fact that the allegations have been casual and the informers stay mysterious. He explores things noticeable all aroun d and under the earth, and that he instructs individuals to question in the divine beings, and to cause the more fragile contention to show up stronger.(19) These are the stock allegations given to all thinkers. Socrates was no idiot and realized that he would not have the option to change these instilled convictions in a couple of hours, yet had the option to give some legitimization concerning why he had carried on with his life looking for intelligence. Chaerephon, a long lasting companion of Socrates, asked the prophet at Delphi if there was any man who was more astute than [Socrates] and there was nobody. (17) Socrates didn't see how this could be valid. He didn't feel that he was even marginally shrewd not to mention the most astute man. He attempted to refute the prophet by analyzing supposedly insightful men and he understood that they felt that they knew things that they didn't and this made them indiscreet. It was after these experiences that Socrates understood that the prophet implied that human intelligence is worth little or nothing.(19) It was this acknowledgment that made Socrates savvy. Socrates realized that he would be indicted and condemned to death, so his discourse on death was not stupid. He was simply tending to the unavoidable. He says that a man of any value doesn't consider life and passing or of anything with the exception of whether he is going about as a positive or negative man. Socrates doesn't fear passing, for nobody knows whether demise may not be the best acceptable that can happen to man. In any case, men dread it as though they knew very well that it was the best of evils.(24) Socrates was fringe silly when he talked about his political profession and how he was illsuited for it on the grounds that was simply and settled on his choices as needs be. This was a not at all subtle implication to the moral character of the legislators of Greece, which more likely than not been annoying and would not help clear him. After Socrates was seen as liable, he acknowledged capital punishment by offending the jury once more. He recommended that, rather than capital punishment, he ought to get an open support in the Prytaneum.(29) Today, that would resemble an indicted executioner soliciting that, rather than execution, he be condemned to remain at Club Med. This was not stupid in Socrates circumstance supposing that he had made a request deal, it would negate everything that he represented. He cautions that individuals will scrutinize the choice to put Socrates, an astute man, to death. After his conviction, Socrates was allowed a chance to get away from his unjustifiable conviction. He tells his future guardian angels what we call today an implicit agreement. An implicit agreement states, basically, that you should comply with all laws, regardless of on the off chance that they cause you a foul play since it is similar laws that secure the residents. There would be no point of laws if individuals could disregard

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Find Jobs On The Go With Renego Android App

Find Jobs On The Go With Renego Android App Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Find Jobs On The Go With Renego Android AppUpdated On 07/10/2019Author : Sandeep SinghTopic : InternetShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogDon’t you think the world has moved ahead of PC’s and its Smartphone’s that are ruling the market? I am sure that most of you will agree with me. Even the big corporate have started migrating their platforms to Mobile especially Android and the iOS which are dominating the entire world. Seeing this Renego a popular job search engine has launched a new version of its Android App for many of us to search jobs on the fly using Android phones. I will be detailing you more on the app as we go through the article.Not aware of Renego? Let me explainThis must be a question going on in your head if you have not yet visited Renego website which aggregates Jobs from different job portals around the world an d brings all in one roof. Basically a Job Search Engine ! Isn’t it really useful? People of our generation don’t have much time to browse through different portals looking for the job of their choice. Renego takes that head ache off you and gives it under one roof allowing you to pick Job of your choice and redirect to that specific job. Leading Job portals like Naukri, Timesjobs , and Shine are in the list of jobs that are aggregated in Renego.Mobile App for the Younger and Brightest GenerationWhen I got an invitation to use the Renego Job Search Engine Mobile app it was really eye catching. The App looks to be clean , simple and easy to understand. Now I have been informed that the app is ready to be downloaded on the Google Play Store, you can search for “Job Search Renego” and you will have it in one go. You have the link as well as QR code at the bottom of the article for easier travelling.Now let’s have a look at some of the features and how to use the Job Search App from Renego.Making a Job SearchAs I said already the UI is pretty clean and simple. I have attached a screen shot of how to make a simple search. You have to do the following of that.Enter what kind of a job you are looking for after clicking on What fieldEnter where you are a looking to work in the Where fieldEnter the radius within the where area you would like to get the search results on.If you want Android to get your position then you can press Locate My Position button.Click on Search Button you should get the desired results with ease.Renego Job SearchUseful Menu Options for easier SearchYou can click on the Left top corner of the app to get Menu Option in the left sidebar which includes New Search, History, Favorites, Settings , Info , Feedback and Exit option. I think you would be aware of what New Search , Feedback and Exit will do but will take you through the rest.READHow to Remove Your Personal Information from The InternetHistoryI know there would be many like me who keep searching for a static job profile may be “Application Developer” near your city. Every time you need not type in., just go to the history tab and click on the search criteria that you have already looked out for.History based SearchFavoritesJust like your Music Player, Renego Job Search App allows you to add favorite jobs which can be viewed and traversed easily. Steps to add a Job to favorite List is as follows.Make a Job Search, Tap on the Star hallow box which in turn will start glowing yellow on selection.Then go to Menu and click on Favorites , you will find the Job in the list.Isn’t it easy ?? Take a look at the screen shots for better reference.Setting FavouriteSettingsThough there is not much to configure but there is a setting option which allows you to change the default language on your App. You can do that by going to the Menu and Clicking on Settings Option.Settings in Renego AppFiltering Sorting Search ResultsWhatever algorithms you write cannot help find the best suited results for each one of us, because everyone is different and everyone has his own needs. That is why even if you don’t find the desired result in one go may be these filters can help you get those. To apply a filter you just need to tap on the Right Hand Top corner of your Renego Job Search App.Renego App FiltersThese are the following Filters that you can apply:Location â€" You can choose results to be sorted out from top in the location of your choice.Company â€" You may want search results to appear for a particular company may be say Amazon, then just Tap on Company and select from the list of companies.Contract Type You may be a student and you may want a job which allows you to do it part time. You can select from any of the below and filter out resultsContract TypePublication Date â€" You won’t believe me some times I look for a job which was posted a little while back so that if it is still open then chances of me getting in is pretty easy. You can cho ose from a wide range of dates to help you get results based on that.Distance This should be obvious. You may need a job just 5 KMs away and bet me you will have the results sorted out for you.So its jobs on the Go! Download Job Search Renego Mobile App now form the Play Store.

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My Worldview Of A Fallen World - 907 Words

My worldview of a fallen world and salvation. The word fallen means: Subjected to sin or depravity. 1Timothy 4:1 â€Å"Now the spirit expressly says that in the later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons†. What does it mean to live in a fallen world, the Bible describes the word fallen as someone or something spiritually and morally corrupted. Those in a fallen state suffer corrupting and deadly spiritual, moral and social consequences of sin. I for one believe the world is in a fallen state for the reason that people choose to do the things of the world and not the things of God. The Bible tells us to love not the things of the world, neither the things in the world (John 2:15 GNT). Johns warns us not to love the world system. (John 2:16-17) tells us, everything that belongs to the world-what the sinful self-desires, what people perceive, want and everything in this world that people are so proud of-none of this comes from the father but from the world. The world and everything in it that people desire is passing away, but those who do the will of God live forever. We live in a time where we do what we want to do, live how we want to live and disobey the rules of the Bible. I look around everyday and my heart is overwhelmed with the fallen nature of our society, our hearts have become cold to the things of God. I personally know we live in a fallen world we can see that on a daily basis with so many disasters,Show MoreRelatedThe History Of Rasselas, Prince Of Abyssinia By Samuel Johnson Essay1707 Words   |  7 PagesA worldview is a mental model of reality. It is the idea and attitudes towards the world, life, and us as individuals. Each individual has their own unique worldview. People acquire a worldview by how they go through life, it may change or even stay the same. How they grew up, life situations, values, religion, and attitudes are factors that may affect one’s worldv iew. There are many questions that can make up one’s worldview. How should we act? What gives life purpose? Where did we come from? TheseRead MoreChristian Perspective : Christian Worldview And Maturity1273 Words   |  6 Pages Christian World View The thought of Christian world view probably never came across our minds prior to salvation. But it happens to be reflect everything we say or do whether we know it or not. Humanity beliefs about God history and ultimately helps shapes how we live. We all remember the moment when accepted Christ as our Savior, we are born again spiritually into God s kingdom . But just as a newborn baby needsRead MoreBenchmark Assignment : Gospel Essentials Essay1386 Words   |  6 PagesBenchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials There are a variety of differing worldviews in practice today. Every person has a worldview that is shaped by their experiences, pasts, families, traditions, values, and beliefs that form the core of who they are. The Christian worldview is no exception. This worldview is formed by the beliefs and teachings of the Bible. The worldview is shaped and centered around the view of who God is, the purpose of humanity, the true identity of Jesus, the restoration ofRead MoreThe Worldview And Its Impact On My Worldview1608 Words   |  7 PagesOver the years my worldview has evolved from as a by product of cultural influence, to one steeped in my belief of God. However, until I got married 4 years ago, I had never actively worked on developing my Christian theistic worldview. Brown, Phillips and Stonestreet (2008) described a persons’ worldview as the framework that guides our beliefs and viewpoints (p. 21). With this in mind, I have established 3 main tenants of my worldview, God is, the universe was and morality will be. These are theRead MoreBenchmark Assignment : Gospel Essentials Essay1405 Words   |  6 PagesBenchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials There a lot of differing worldviews in practice today. Every person has a worldview that is shaped by their experiences, pasts, families, traditions, values, and beliefs that form the core of who they are. The Christian worldview is no exception. This worldview is formed by the beliefs and teachings of the Bible. The worldview is shaped and centered around the view of who God is, the purpose of humanity, the true identity of Jesus, the restoration of humansRead MoreChristian Philosophy Versus Christian Worldview1294 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Human perspective differs and leads to diverse worldviews. Several factors contribute to the creation of worldviews; the environment, experiences and most importantly the education that a human is exposed to. The question is often asked if there is such a thing as a write or wrong worldview, since it can consist of religious beliefs, political connections, and subjective opinions on life, love, family and friendship. These worldviews create philosophical questions regarding how society trulyRead MoreEssay about Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity1320 Words   |  6 Pages2010, p.51) According to Entwistle each person has their own worldview, a unique way in which one sees the world around them shaped by their own experiences, knowledge, and culture. The family we were born into, the town we grew up, the continent our town is located all help shape our worldview. Our worldview allows us to question if what we believe is true and if our beliefs have a place within our religion. In taking a Christian worldview believing and understanding in the creation, Fall, redemptionRead MoreMother Gothel From The Movie Tangled 1148 Words   |  5 PagesRapunzel, she plays the victim in several different circumstances, and she is a bully. However, I believe there are ways I can empathize with this woman, and I believe empathizing could have a healing effect on Mother Gothel. Additionally, my biblical worldview does have some positive impact on the empathy and care I can offer this woman. Mother Gothel’s character presents several different aspects which make it hard for me to empathize with her. For starters, Mother Gothel’s obsession with youthRead MoreThe Is The Ideal Source Of The Picture Of Reality1393 Words   |  6 PagesThough many believers will negate the important effect that their worldviews have on their lives, their worldviews function as a critical pivotal point by which they understand and relate to the rest of the world and by which they motivate themselves. Since humans unconsciously rely on past experience and knowledge to prompt their next move, a worldview provides a lens of understanding through which past perceptions reveal how to understand the present reality. However, many people like to turn theirRead MoreThe Importance Of A Christian Worldview1611 Words   |  7 PagesWorldview is how someone would view the world around them. In a person’s world view it controls how their lives is lived out in the world, and how they would respond to certain things that goes on around them in the world. A person’s worldview is important to them, because it plays a big part in their lives, and they make ethical and moral decisions based on what their worldview is. A Christian’s worldview is described in how a person follows the teaching of Jesus in the bible, and he or she is committed

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Kite Runner Essay - 1002 Words

The Kite Runner Theme Essay Father-Son Relationship (Amir and Baba) Amir, who is the main character The Kite Runner, is a boy who always wanted the admiration and acceptance of his father, Baba. Baba and Amir cannot have the relationship Amir wants to have because of the characteristics that they have and do not share between each other. Amir wants to have Baba all to himself, and not share him with others, such as Hassan. Amir is weak in Baba’s eyes and Amir is not how Baba sees his son to be. But in the end, Amir just wanted to have his fathers respect. Amir wishes to have his father all to himself, he wants to spend time with Baba without anyone else. Also, Amir wants to be Baba’s favorite and for Baba to give all his attention to†¦show more content†¦Baba expected Amir to be like he was when he was a boy. Since Amir reads poetry instead of hunting like Baba wants him to, they cannot have the relationship Amir desires. Next, When Baba was talking to Rahim Khan about Amir, he told him that he (Baba) was not like that at all w hen he was a child. When he did complain about how his son was not like him, Baba did sound kind of frustrated. His frustration shows that he is uncomfortable that his son is not an exact replica of himself, and again this means they cannot have the relationship Amir wants. Another example of Baba’s disappointment over Amir is, once again, in another conversation with Rahim Khan that Amir overheard, Baba told Rahim Khan that if he did not witness the birth of Amir himself, he would not believe that he is his son. Baba and Amir are almost completely different people and Baba finds discomfort in that. Baba wanted Amir to be exactly like him and this shows how he feels about the differences between them. Amir and Baba cannot have the relationship Amir desires because he cannot fulfill Baba’s high expectations. It is because of the assumption of the father-son relationship of Amir and Baba, as well as their clashing traits, that they cannot have the relationship Amir wants . Their contrasting ideas of what their relationship should be is shown by Amir’s wanting to have Baba all to himself, Amir’s weakness andShow MoreRelated The Kite Runner Essay1476 Words   |  6 PagesThe Kite Runner Reading for leisure provides valuable insight into the author’s imagination or prior experience giving the reader a different perspective on a certain topic or culture. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, we are introduced into a world of privilege in Afghanistan for the main character, Amir, combated with his best friend and half brother Hassan, their lowly Hazara servant. The two boys were raised together but being a Hazara is seen as an inferior race to many of the otherRead More The Kite Runner Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"There is a way to be good again† (2). This is the line that rolls through Amirs mind over and over throughout Khaled Hosseinis novel, The Kite Runner. This is the story of a mans struggle to find redemption. The author illustrates with the story of Amir that it is not possible to make wrongs completely right again because its too late to change past. In this novel Hosseini is telling us that redemption is obtainable, and by a llowing us to see Amirs thought process throughout the novel, HosseiniRead MoreThe Kite Runner Essay1321 Words   |  6 PagesWhat are the essential values and ideas presented in The Kite Runner? Analyse and assess how effective their representation is Hosseini has expressed copious essential values and ideas in his novel The Kite Runner (TKR) including Loyalty, Culture, Gender and Ethnicity and Atonement. Hosseini has expressed these through the combination of style, structure, characterisation, themes and setting. Due to the context of The Kite Runner, culture is an important idea presented because it has major significanceRead MoreThe Kite Runner Essay2862 Words   |  12 PagesThe Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini Chapters 1-5 (PP. 1-47) Reading Questions 1. The novel begins with a flashback. What do you think is its purpose? What do you learn about the narrator? The purpose of the book in my opinion is to set up the setting of the main idea of the book and to give the readers Amir’s opinion on his fellow characters, so they can see the main idea. You learn about Amir’s life and how this event has affected him. 2. Who is Hassan? Describe him physically. WhatRead More The Kite Runner Essay896 Words   |  4 Pages Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner is a remarkable coming-of-age novel describing and revealing the thoughts and actions of Amir, a compunctious adult in the United States and his memories of his affluent childhood in the unstable political environment of Afghanistan. The novel showcases the simplistic yet powerful ability of guilt to influence decisions and cause conflict which arises between Amir’s childhood friend and half-brother, Hassan; Amir’s father, Baba; and importantly, himself. DifferenceRead MoreEssay about The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini1494 Words   |  6 PagesThe Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini This essay will discuss the central themes of the book The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. Because the story is told at a time before the War on Terror, it brings the reader back to an Afghanistan the average American never knew existed and presents the current socio-economic reality of a United States one may choose to ignore. The description of Afghanistan before its many occupations is a tragedy in itself. The Author portrays a country on the cusp ofRead MoreThe Kite Runner and King Lear Comparative Essay957 Words   |  4 PagesThe Kite Runner and King Lear Comparative Essay Families play a large role in our world. Sometimes families keep you together but at other times they can tear you apart. The subject of family is a major theme in Khaled Hosseinis extraordinary novel, The Kite Runner and Shakespeare’s well-known tragedy, King Lear. In both of these writings, family is a constant theme that occurs throughout both works of literature. Family relationship is often expressed through the actions of the characters andRead MoreEssay about Characters of The Kite Runner854 Words   |  4 PagesPublished by Riverhead Books in 2003, Khaled Hosseini wrote The Kite Runner, a powerful story of love, fear, friendship, redemption, and the reality of the cruel world we live in. In this tale, you develop a personal relationship with the characters as you feel their emotions. Khaled Hosseini brings his characters to life eloquently. The relationship between son and father, rich and poor, countryman and his country, Pashtun and Hazara, friend and brother, andRead MoreThe Kite Runner Betrayal Essay example944 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"The Kite Runner,† Amir and Baba both betray the servants most loyal to them. Hassan and Ali both do everything in their power to please their masters and remain loyal to them. Hassan and Ali differ from their masters in numerous ways but both pairs have similar differences. The master servant relationship between Baba, Ali and Amir, Hassan both differ in the characters’ attitudes, relationships, loyalty and courage. Although Baba and Ali grew up together, they grow to be very distinct peopleRead MoreThe Kite Runner - Importance of Forgiveness Essay1090 Words   |  5 PagesThe Importance of Forgiveness Forgiveness is essential to daily life. An important person does the unthinkable, and finally that person earns forgiveness. It is important to forgive oneself, so one can forgive others, too. In The Kite Runner, novelist Khaled Hosseini tells about the past of the Afghan refugee, Amir, and about the importance of forgiveness regarding to what happens in Afghanistan a long time before Amir arrives in America. Amir grows up in Kabul with his prosperous father, Baba

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tennyson and optimism and despair Essay Example For Students

tennyson and optimism and despair Essay I believe that Tennysons works do represent the different positions of optimism and despair. In The Lady of Shalott, she is hoping to get out of the castle, but she dies on the way down. In Ulysses, the two ideas are represented again, but through different ways. The lady in The Lady of Shalott is waiting for a prince to come and save her. A bowshot from her bower eaves, /He rode between the barley leaves describes her seeing Lancelot. She climbs down from the tower to ride a boat down to Camelot and (since she is cursed) ages rapidly and dies in the boat- She floated down to Camelot; /And as the boathead wound along /The willowy hills and fields among, /They heard her singing her last song, /The Lady of Shalott. In Ulysses, the persona loves going to battle, it gives him a sense of worth and something to do- And drunk delight of battle with my peers. He wants to go back out and fight, but there are no more wars, and his soul feels younger than his body. We are not now that strength which in old days /Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are- /One equal temper of heroic hearts, /Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will /To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Tennyson had some tragedies in his life, and wrote about them in his poetry. But like all humans there is always hope and optimism that things will change for the better. .