Saturday, February 22, 2020

A challenging question for research and practice arises Essay 2

A challenging question for research and practice arises 2 - Essay Example Organizations are, therefore, entitled to consider the ambivalence attitudes in their plan for change in order for them to achieve their goal. Improvement of internal communication within an organization is a basic measure taken during the transition of organizational change. The first consideration for an organization plan for change is the initial wrong perception to change. This might be coming from the managers, employees or even the customers. The wrong initial perception is brought by the inability of an organization to forward into the future and accept their vision. The stakeholders can deny the unexpected information on change or even wish that they could continue with their present thoughts even when the situation has changed. Poor communication can create an organizational silence in a company, which means that the stakeholders are not given a chance to express their thoughts about the change (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2009). Lack of motivation for change is another factor which should be considered in organizational change. Motivation for change can be hindered when the change is planned to increase the sale of a certain product but at the same time reducing the wages and salaries of the workers such that it is a sacrifice in order to achieve change. Past failures of the organizations trials for change can make workers feel not compelled enough for changing the organizational status (Piderit, 2000). An organization must consider a situation whereby there are different interests for change between the management and the workers. If the employees are valuing change more than the managers, the goal for organizational change cannot be easily achieved since the managers lack enough motivation (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2009). Resistance to change can also result from lack of creativeness in search for the most appropriate strategies for achieving change. This mostly happens

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